Research Ethics and Academics Department (READ)

   It is now believed that Pathology is not just about doing testing and helping clinician in reaching the final diagnosis; infact it now acts as forefront of medical research, that encompasses many of the major advances in clinical and surgical practices, which are made as a consequence of untiring work carried out by Pathologists.

  Many recent advances have been made in understanding disease and developing treatments including new protocols/dynamic tests for prompt and definite diagnosis. Developing new and effective vaccines against major infections, managing the immune system for successful organ transplants, and exploring the genetic causes of diseases is also part of research in the field of Pathology.

   AFIP has always been a leading forefront in Pakistan to keep pace with the recent advances worldwide. It has a seven decades long history of carrying out research and development in various disciplines of Pathology. However in Aug 2017 Research, Ethics and Academic Department was formally relocated in second floor of ADRC building. Its various sections include Academics, Research and Development, Continuing Professional Development, Publications, Ethical Review Committee and Pathologists' data sections.

   Research and Development Section is striving hard to inculcate today's importance of research in trainees and to help them in designing, processing and completion of their research projects. For this purpose, three research officers and one statistical officer are working in research and development section. This department puts in all efforts so that all trainees gain a basic understanding of research as they will have to be able to interpret evidence in the literature in order to influence their future clinical practice. Trainees are guided to prepare research projects and send them to HEC and Pakistan Science Foundation for funding.

   Academics Section READ is responsible for academic activities related to different disciplines. Presently READ offers F.Sc (MLT), B.Sc (MLT), M.Phil, Ph.D, FCPS, MCPS and internship programmes. There are approximately 200 students enrolled in different programmes organized by READ. It has highly qualified faculty for it’s academic programmes. READ follows HEC and CPSP standards for carrying out academic activities.

   READ is also holding number of workshops, symposia, and awareness lectures in our institute and other hospitals at regular intervals as a part of continuing professional development. We are also inviting both national and international guest speakers to keep our trainees abreast of recent advances in the specialty.

   Record of all publications and various research projects carried out at AFIP is also being maintained by READ.

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